Book of the Month

Scan_20150524 (3)I finished reading a book not too long ago that resonated with me during a time I needed some guidance in my alone-ness.  I wished the story would never end, but of course, it had to.  One line that spoke to me: Sometimes our desires don’t always align with our intentions.  Bringing them together is often a challenge, which is what I encountered during this dating process.  In search of the person with whom I would be most comfortable being, this time in my life I really want to get it right, perhaps the reason why I keep chipping away at it until someone like Michelangelo’s “David” suddenly appears.
As the month wore on, I realized my desires and intentions are most in line when I am single and to some extent whenever I’m with my family and friends.  I returned to conversations I used to have with an old friend, who told me the man she would be with would have to fit into her life.  She eventually met him and enjoying a life with him.  So there’s hope after all, but in the meantime I’m savoring mine alone, whether it’s being more engaged with work I’m passionate about, hanging out with friends and family or simply taking care of myself as best as I know how.   And there’s never ever anything wrong with that.