In Flight USA
Aviation Proposal Approved – August 1999
Love of Flight: Review – August 1999

Filipinas Magazine
Demi’s Secret Garden – June 2001
There’s Something About VanessaJanuary 1999 cover story
Looking for Christina – The Christina Williams Abduction CaseOctober 1998 cover story
(Named First Runner-Up in Feature-Writing by New California Media, 1999)
Hard Girlz – August 1998
We Are Family – March 1998
Blades of GloryFebruary 1998 cover story
Stop, Hey, What’s That Sound? – June 1997
You Gotta Love HimFebruary 1997 cover story
Capital GainsOctober 1996 cover story
Catch a Diving Star – July 1996
Wallopin’ WomanMarch 1995 cover story
A Great Lion of WorkSeptember 1994 cover story

The Daily Collegian
Doormen Check IDs, Bounce Comments off Patrons – September 1991
HUB Exhibit Reveals Social Messages in German Rock Music – April 1991
Festival to Unite Cultures
– March 1991
Latin American Week Brings Music, Discussions to PSU – March 1991
Students Sample Cultures at Festival – February 1991
“Touch of Africa” Asks Students to Feel Culture of Diverse Continent – February 1991
Chinese Students Usher in “The Year of the Goat” – February 1991
Big Brothers, Sisters: A Way to Give Something Back (pg 2) – February 1991
German Tradition Recalls Christmas – November 1990
Choir Treasures Road Trips – October 1990
Cadillac Is Featured in Collection – September 1990

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