The Difference Each Year Makes

Brassring 2.0 is an idea that was marinating for about a year as a result of my last trip to my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA in 2010.  It reinvigorated me in the sense that it made me start thinking about what to do with the second half of my career as I was also approaching the big 4-0.  So painting the town red on my last night with my college friend Carmen, I told her what triggered my decision to move to the West Coast.

Armed with my newly-minted journalism degree, I was looking for work in Pittsburgh, and one of the places I called was Duquesne University’s radio station.  I told the director the purpose of my call, and I remember he said something to the effect “if I were you, I would just go for the brass ring since I probably can’t pay you anyway.”

Almost 20 years has passed since that phone conversation, and the move more or less paid off.  So it seems fitting now, as another year winds down, to launch something new.  Brassring 2.0 is meant to chronicle the journey of my goal in discovering the next best thing in the evolution of my career.