Our Selfie, Our Selves

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I  found the selfie button on my smartphone, and with that a bit of self-reflection on where to go from here.   It would be naive of me to believe I would return to pre-economic meltdown of 2008.  But I remember having plans that had to be placed on hold until better days.  And I believe these are better days.

But I suppose too much has already passed, being forced out of my comfort zone more often than I would’ve preferred, which led to a clearer, more advanced understanding of myself that to even entertain the notion of returning to the past would be going backwards. For instance, I was moved to certain action by a father’s blog last month on the messages that mainstream women’s magazines send out to young women, particularly his daughter.

Dr. Kelly Flanagan writes on the buzzword “naked”: The world wants you to take your clothes off. Please keep them on. But take your gloves off. Pull no punches. Say what is in your heart. Be vulnerable. Embrace risk. Love a world that barely knows what it means to love itself. Do so nakedly. Openly. With abandon.

I guess the Heraclitus quote applies here:  No one ever steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and you are not the same person.  Obviously with a new job and a different social landscape, I am not in Kansas anymore.  Friends are suddenly in various locations, and greater coordination is required to be together.  People appear for one purpose and unceremoniously vanish, only to reappear for a re-purpose of sorts.  It’s hard to make heads or tails out of anything lately, but probably the best way to look at it is in song from one of my favorite movie musicals “Victor/Victoria”:

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I am a writer feeding my soul by doing something I love, mining some of the deepest parts of me to dig up gems and sometimes diamonds in that rough.

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