A Long Time Coming

Corni & Me on Thanksgiving Day 2006.


The term closure has lately become persona non grata, especially when dealing with traumatic experiences and loss.  But when something like it occurs, a kind of catharsis does set in that may even  be required in order to move on.

In my “Lake House” blog entry, I mentioned in passing a late co-worker and friend, with whom I never got a chance to say the things I needed to say or even to bid goodbye.   Her name was Cornelia Rawls, and when I finally got a phone call from her brother, James, today, it was more than a message in a bottle, more like lightning–or should I say a lightening of the soul.

Lean On Me: Corni’s brother James.



We were definitely close personally and professionally, and James reminded me what it was that made our relationship, especially at work, meaningful.  Since I am back at our old workplace, I don’t feel quite as lost, understanding it is about doing the job well, respecting others and hanging in there when challenges arise.  Corni wasn’t one to suffer fools gladly either, and she certainly spoke her mind when she was wronged.  As I blaze a trail going forward,  as much as I miss her friendship, it’s some of her presence and guidance I am in need of the most.  But comforting is the fact her brother James is still around, and there is still more life to be lived.

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I am a writer feeding my soul by doing something I love, mining some of the deepest parts of me to dig up gems and sometimes diamonds in that rough.

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